Outsider Art:  Carvings / Wood


This tall "nekkid" man (Syracuse Man) was given to me by a friend, but I thought he needed to become a snakehandler so I added the vine snake.

An assortment of wooden carvings

  • Santa 1: Debra Ealy
  • Santa 2: Unknown
  • Dulcimer Player: Mack Hodge
  • One-Legged Egg Seller: Mack Hodge
  • Fiddlin' Chicken Farmer: Mack Hodge

Frankly I can't remember if this piece is a Carl McKenzie or a Noah Kinney, but it's one of my favorites.  (Maybe because I saw 2 others in a gallery recently and they were fetching $400+) 



I've forgotten the names of these pieces, by artist Baglady. She collected bits of wood, bones, beads, baby bottle nipples, bits of eye glasses, wire, and "doll babies" to create these pregnant sisters.   Most of her art is from found objects.  I've also one her her canes (pictured en masse) and a wall piece (flag) made of plastic belts and mummified sea creatures.

This piece of prison art was made by Jack for Nellie, intended as a keepsake box.  Media: Wooden box, matchsticks (see right for reverse of box), marbles and aquarium gravel.








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