Outsider Art:  Gourds


Gourd Goose. Artist Minnie Black.  Note: Feathers are fashioned from louffa gourds, and for the feet, Minnie saved the feet from chickens she cooked, dried them by nailing them to a board, and then inserted them into the necks of dipper gourds, covering all with a plaster medium.

The Gourd Snake is shaped as it grew. Each snake is different as each gourd grows into its own unique shape.  Minnie formed the head w/ a plaster medium, added glass eyes, and glued on rattles from a rattlesnake.

This gourd Sun/Moon lamp was crafted by Dinah Presnell.  There's a small bulb inside, and various tiny rays and stars cut into the surface.


Reverse of the Sun/Moon lamp.

(left):  3 gourds.

1. Mine, fashioned from a birdhouse gourd and clay.

2. Dinah Presnell, Grey Cat

3. Pat Howard, Eve and the Serpent








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