Outsider Art:  Paintings


My only piece by Seth Blackwood.  Media: Plywood, beer bottle caps.

Artist: Baglady.  Media: Cardboard, plastic belts, sand dollars.

Artist unknown. Media: wooden breadboard, latex paint

Carbon Dating is by Lexington, Ky. artist FURY.
It's a favorite of my friends.

I picked up this photograph at a yard sale in Maine but decided they were too plain so I "tarted them up" turning them into latter day spiritualists.

I've lots of pieces by Lexington, Ky. artist John Ridener. This is one of my favorites. 

I suppose this is my favorite John Ridener painting.  The title is "She Done Kilt Her Baby Daddy"

"Sometimes Jesus Liked To Scare The Hell Out Of Children" is by an unknown artist.  Chalk on paper.

This piece by C J White is a wooden "wall box"--It's about 2" thick so I've not yet found things to hide in it.


Rainbox Snake, artist unknown

This "ad" for Orange Crush ("zesty, fruity and good. So good it will make your tongue slap your brains out") is made from "found cardboard," latex paint, and glitter by artist W. Williams.

(left)  SHINE, artist unknown.  Media: plywood, latex paint

(below) 666 Man, artist unknown.  Tempera paint on paper, tacked to plank







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