Outsider Art: Snakes

Gourd snake by Minnie Black

Wooden Two-Headed Snake, Artist Unknown

Wooden Snake, Artist Unknown

(below) A glass painting I did, inspired by a painting by Richard Golden, titled "Power of the Lord"

Assorted Wooden Canes (snakes, miner, santa, mermaid, headhunter, etc.) by various artists: Ron Presnell, Elisha Baker, Robert Baker, Baglady, and unknown)


I didn't do a very careful job photographing the snake below the mantle.  It's basically a natural cottonwood root which someone found, carved a bit of a head on, screwed to a board,  inserted some beady glass eyes and glued on some rattlesnake rattles.  They're fragile things (I used to live with cats) so I've actually replaced the rattles twice.  It was a great bargain at a flea market for only $15.
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